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“Cottrell Paper Company has been committed to our environment. We have been manufacturing products out of 100% post industrial waste since 1926.”

COPACO, 100% Rag Paper

Electrical Insulating Paper 105° C.


Copaco, 100% Rag Paper manufactured by Cottrell Paper CompanyCopaco is a very robust electrical insulation product with extremely high tensile, tear, burst and dielectric properties. It is normally supplied with a high density, very smooth “Glazed Roll” finish which eases the insertion into slot cells, and provides excellent abrasion resistance. The product is well suited to be punched, formed or creased.
Copaco electrical insulating rag papers are manufactured from only high-grade new cotton cuttings, the stock is extensively cleaned and specially refined to insure maximum purity and physical strength. No sizing, clay, fillers, or other chemical additives are used in Copaco. The absence of impurities ensures that Copaco's aging characteristics will meet your most exacting requirements
Copaco is available from .003" to .060" in rolls, sheets, or coils slit to your specifications.

Paper Basis Weights

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Cottrell Paper Company, Inc.
Paper Basis Weights / Yields
Grade Gauge Equals Equals Equals
    gm/meter2 lbs/yd2 lbs/3000ft2
Copaco 0.003 97.25 0.179 59.75
Copaco 0.004 136.00 0.251 83.56
Copaco 0.005 173.75 0.320 106.76
Copaco 0.007 249.25 0.459 153.15
Copaco 0.010 327.50 0.604 201.23
Copaco 0.012 393.25 0.725 241.63
Copaco 0.015 474.75 0.875 291.71
Copaco 0.020 664.50 1.225 408.30
Copaco 0.025 775.00 1.429 476.19
Copaco 0.030 1013.50 1.868 622.74
Copaco 0.045 1443.75 2.661 887.10
Copaco 0.060 1843.50 3.398 1132.72
Universal 0.020 600.75 1.107 369.13
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