Electrical Insulating Paper, Thermally Upgraded

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CK125TUCK-125-TU Paper manufactured by Cottrell Paper CompanyCK-125 -TU “internally creped kraft – thermally upgraded” insulating papers are manufactured under an extensible paper process that provides this material with approximately 20% elongation. This material is made from 100% virgin fiber electrical Kraft pulp.

The unusual elongation that CK-125- TU possesses permits this product to stretch and absorb energy when subjected to extreme stress. The ability of this paper to absorb energy provides this material with the capability of being used at higher wire wrapping speeds when used for CTC (continually transposed conductor) and magnet wire wrap. The extensible paper process is entirely mechanical and in no way affects the high purity or chemical properties of the product.

CK-125-TU has similar mechanical properties to the leading creped Kraft papers.

CK-125-TU is available in .002" to .125"  in rolls, sheets, or coils slit to your specifications.

Please call or e-mail for large quantity pricing or samples.

Paper Basis Weights

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Cottrell Paper Company, Inc.
Paper Basis Weights / Yields
CK - 125 - TU0.002062.250.11538.25
CK - 125 - TU0.002577.750.14347.77
CK - 125 - TU0.00393.500.17257.45
CK - 125 - TU0.005155.250.28695.39


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