What is Copaco generally used for?

If you go to the Copaco product page you can click on “typical uses” for a list of uses for Copaco paper.

What does the 125 mean in Copaco 125?

Any product produced by Cottrell Paper Company that has a product name that includes 125, designates that this product has high elongation properties giving the paper the ability to stretch up to 20% before breaking.

My Copaco product is not the same color as it was last time I received the material should I be concerned?

Every roll of paper varies slightly in color because of the different color raw materials used to make the sheet. If the paper is a slightly different shade you should not worry as this product was made to the same high standards that all Copaco products are made to.

How can I order bulk Copaco?

In order to purchase bulk, an order needs to be placed directly through Cottrell Paper Company or one of our distributors. There are many ways you can directly order Copaco in bulk. You can contact us directly by phone/fax/email by using the information on the right of this page or you can also fill out the request form on the "Contact Us" page. If you would like to place your order through a distributor, go to "Distribution Partners", click on your state/country. An Adobe Reader window will open with our Distributors contact information that is viewable and printable. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download your free copy here: Download Adobe Reader. Cottrell Paper Company is proud of its history of providing high quality products and services to the insulation market, and looks forward to continuously improving its operations to remain the leader in the “Rag” electrical insulation paper industry.

I am not sure if I need Copaco or Copaco125, can I get spec information on these products?

At Cottrell Paper Company, we believe in making sure you have all the information you need about our materials. Just go to the Copaco and Copaco 125 product pages and to the right you will see a small banner that reads "Data Sheet". Click on the banner, an Adobe Reader window will open with the Data Sheet Spec information that is viewable and printable. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download your free copy here: Download Adobe Reader.

I am looking for a product called fishpaper do your products compare?

Our Cottrell Fibre was designed as a replacement for Fishpaper with the same physical characteristics.

Is Cottrell Fibre an alternative to vulcanized fibre?

Yes, it is currently being used with excellent results.

Do Cottrell Paper Company products have Underwriters Laboratory “UL” listing?

If you go to the product pages there will be a UL link that you can click to see the UL cards for each Cottrell product. If a Cottrell Paper Company product does not have UL listing please contact us and we will try to obtain the listing needed.

Will Cottrell Paper Company make a special product to meet my needs?

Cottrell Paper Company is always looking for new opportunities. Contact us to describe what product you would like us to make, we always work with our customers to try to develop a product to meet their needs.

How can I check the status of my order?

If you need to check the status of your order please contact us. Our attentive customer service team will be happy to help you find you order along with any other details you request.

What are Cottrell Paper Company Products made out of (Copaco, Kraft, Cottrell Fibre, Cottrell – HT, Ect.)?

If you check our product pages it gives you a description of each material and there composition.

What kind of converting capabilities do you have for your finished products at Cottrell Paper Company?

We can convert to small rolls, sheets, and slit coils to your specifications.

How can I determine the basis weight or yield that I can get out of your product?

If you go to any of our product pages, there will be a Roll Calculator button on the right. Click the button and it will bring you to a Paper Basis Weights/Yields page for that product. On all Basis Weights/Yields page, there is a Roll Calculator Tool button on the right. When the Roll Calculator Tool Button is clicked, a separate browser window will open to give you access to our calculation tool. You can use Basis Weights/Yields page along with our Roll Calculator Tool page to calculate roll weights and coil weights of all Cottrell products.