Kraft Thermally Upgraded, Electrical Insulating Paper

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Kraft TUKraft TU Paper manufactured by Cottrell Paper CompanyCottrell Kraft-TU, this material is made from 100% virgin fiber electrical Kraft pulp. The stock is extensively cleaned and specially refined to insure maximum purity and physical strength. No sizing, clay, or fillers are used in the production of this sheet. The Kraft paper is thermally upgraded to improve long term thermal aging properties.

Our Kraft’s are produced on a multi-ply cylinder machine, this technique allows for more bonds to form along the surface areas between plies in addition to fiber-to-fiber bonding in the machine direction. The resultant product exhibits outstanding physical strengths, including excellent elongation, which allows the paper to stretch without breaking. This proves especially beneficial in the fabrication of the .030” to .060” thickness, where the material must be rigid while still maintaining sufficient elongation to avoid tearing at the folds.

Kraft-TU is available from .002" to .125" in rolls, sheets, or coils slit to your specifications.

Paper Basis Weights

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Cottrell Paper Company, Inc.
Paper Basis Weights / Yields
Kraft - Low Density0.010267.250.493164.21
Kraft - Low Density0.015374.750.691230.26


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